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Isle of Wight computer help

Case Study 1: Internet shop

This customer was initially looking for small business software that would speed up and simplify administering their Isle of Wight based mail order company.

A routine part of their ecommerce business involves downloading the daily sales list, printing despatch notes, printing a proof of posting list and sending confirmation emails to their customers.

Depending on the amount of sales, it was taking several hours each day just to print off the orders. Errors were not uncommon due to manual typing, cutting and pasting. As sales increased, sending the despatch confirmation emails was becoming a time consuming chore.


A simple program was written to carry out all the repetitive actions and perform a mail merge. A couple of quick start buttons were added to the menu bar in Microsoft Excel and Word to control it. The whole operation now takes less than 10 minutes.

E-mail to customers is now generated and delivered automatically with minimum fuss. This is handled by Linux server software installed on a spare computer. It can also be used for small scale direct marketing if required. This computer is also used for internal email, a file/print server, backing up and a groupware (calendar etc.) application - all using free, reliable and secure open source software - ideal for a small business!

Total savings?

The above job has saved this Isle of Wight business several hours every day, has made order processing more accurate and has streamlined one of the more tedious parts of the mail order process...

For more information, give us a call or email Chris for an informal chat.

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