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Compiling Osmeditor on Mandriva Linux 2005
Open Street Map
The team and a bunch of volunteers visited the Isle of Wight on the weekend of 6/7 May 2006 with the aim of mapping the whole Island, so I thought I would get a little involved, as time permits. Simon Perry from the excellent Ventnor Blog lent me a GPS (Thanks Simon!) so I wanted to try out a couple of different editors for the map. First stumbling block - compiling OpenStreetMap Editor on my machine...

Here's how I got it to work (There are certainly better ways of doing this - setting PATHs or making symlinks for instance, particularly if you are likely to compile this or other QT projects frequently):

In the Makefile, I changed these lines, found under '# Configure Qt paths':
QTINCPATH=-L/usr/include/qt3   to    QTINCPATH=-L/usr/lib/qt3/include
QTLIB=-lqt   to    QTLIB=-lqt-mt  (this is a very common problem)
QTLIBPATH=-L/usr/lib   to   QTLIBPATH=-L/usr/lib/qt3/lib
MOC=moc   to   MOC=/usr/lib/qt3/bin/moc
If your files are in different places, find 'em and change the paths above accordingly!

In the sub-folder jeeps-gpsbabel-1.2.7, edit the file gps.h - remove two lines:
#include gpsinput.h 
#include gpsproj.h

Worked for me!