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Case Study 3:

Home networking

This customer had a couple of PCs in rooms next to each other. They wanted to share the broadband Internet connection wirelessly to avoid having to run cables across the floor and unplugging the modem every time the other computer was to be used.

They went to a large multinational store to buy the equipment, and were advised by the sales staff that it was very easy to do. They were sold a combined wireless broadband modem/gateway/router/switch together with two USB wireless network adaptors. After many failed attempts to connect the equipment, several weeks later they called in IWPCs...

They had been sold an excellent wireless gateway (Linksys WAG54G), which is exactly what IWPCs would have used - but had paid half as much again more than they needed to - this alone should have easily covered our installation charge. To make matters worse, only one network adaptor was actually required, as the gateway was sat on top of one of the PCs. It was a seconds work to plug a short network cable in to connect the gateway to the PC. The username and password for the broadband account was then set up in another couple of minutes and this computer was then on-line. The drivers for the wireless network adaptor were then installed on the other computer and the network was up and working.

The job doesn't finish there though - if you are connected to the Internet, particularly with broadband, you must have virus and spyware protection, together with a reliable firewall. Wireless networks must also be secured, otherwise your personal data and Internet connection can be compromised by anybody with a wireless adaptor in their computer or laptop - neighbours or strangers in the road outside.

Many instances of spyware were cleaned from the second computer, together with a couple of viruses. The wireless network was secured and both computers protected with firewalls and other software, which is free for non business use. The customer was then instructed in the use of this software and given guidance in safe Internet use.

A day or two later, the customer called again - the USB wireless adaptor had lost it's connection... This intermittent connection continued, and we ended up installing a (far more reliable) PCI wireless card inside the computer, which is what IWPCs would have used in the first place, had the equipment been supplied by us.

With the overpriced equipment, equipment they did not need, and our charges, the customer ended up paying twice what we would have charged for doing the complete job. We would have only needed a couple of hours to set up the network and secure the computers and wireless devices. Ouch!

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